New and Improved Features Makes PowerDesk the Ultimate Document Management Software for Windows

  • New! Tracking where you've been in your PC is easy and convenient with the new Path Breadcrumb folder navigation feature.
  • New! Synchronize views between any drives; internal drives, network drives, external drives or backups, with the new Pane Lock feature.
  • Improved! Network Behavior with better performance when navigating network drives.
  • Improved! Favorites Management works more like Windows. Add a favorite in PowerDesk; see it in Windows and vice versa!
  • Improved! Libraries Management is easier and more efficient. Any changes made in PowerDesk are shown in Windows and vice versa!
  • ENHANCED! Thumbnails:
    • Improved appearance
    • Large icons & faster load times
    • Toolbar thumbnail zoom slider
  • ENHANCED! File Viewer
    • Toolbar image zoom
    • Improved video playback
    • More file types supported, including Office 2010 documents.
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Great Document Management You Won't Want to Live Without

PowerDesk Pro is packed with features that make document management super easy. With tools to search, edit, track, delete, copy, move, sort, zip, label, view and convert files, life becomes a little more organized. PowerDesk Pro makes managing files, photos and music a snap with far more features and functionality than the standard Windows file manager.

  • File Viewer

    Never open the wrong files again! File Viewer ensures you open the right file the first time with a large file preview pane. File Viewer makes browsing photos, music and files easy, you can even view files by artist name, album titles or personal notes!
  • Dual Pane Operation

    Copy/cut and paste files easily with drag and drop functionality between folders and drives.
  • Color Customize Your File Folders

    Color code your digital file folders with eight distinct colors.
  • Layout Manager

    Single click icons save complete layouts or add layout icons to your desktop, so PowerDesk starts up exactly where you want it to!
  • Add File Notes

    Add personal notes to any file with a right click. Your notes are displayed in the details or when hovering your mouse over the file. Use this feature to remind yourself what's in your saved file without opening them.
  • File Info Column

    Now it's easier than ever to see in-depth details about your files without having to open them. Music files will show song titles and run times, image files will show size and resolution, Word documents will show document titles and more.
  • MP3 Collection Management

    Organizing your MP3 playlist is easy with PowerDesk. The MP3 collection management feature allows you to preview, search for, rename, edit and randomize your playlist files in batches, groups or individually.
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Additional Features:

  • PowerDesk FTP - Connect to your FTP accounts in just one click with PowerDesk FTP. View your FTP Accounts as though they were folders on your desktop with drag-and-drop capabilities. Managing your FTP accounts has never been easier.
  • Sync Manager - Don't clutter your PC with duplicate files. Sync Manager allows you to compare and synchronize your files, eliminating duplicates, which is especially useful when working on files that are shared across multiple computers.
  • Archive Manager - A comprehensive file compression and extraction tool. Archive Manager makes compressing and expanding files easy and is compatible with over 30 popular compression formats. Archive Manager also allows you to view compressed files without extracting them.
  • Dialog Helper - Opening and saving files is a snap with Dialog Helper. Dialog Helper gives you direct access the location where you previously opened and saved files, along with an easy-to-view pane that allows you to preview documents within the same folder, ensuring correct placement of your important documents.
  • Size Manager - Manage drive storage effectively with this powerful utility. Size Manager gives you at-a-glance reporting how the space on each of your drives is being used.
  • File Finder - Finding files on your PC has never been easier or faster. File Finder allows you to quickly search for files on you PC by keyword, file type, size and date range. File Finder will display search results that contain files and folders from all your drives as well as results from within zip files, archives and email attachments.
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PowerDesk File Management Tool System Requirements

  • Operating System Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP Internet connection for product and subscription updates